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January 14, 2020: ubbe on Supply Chain Modernization



November 9, 2019: An innovation based on BBE Expediting’s remote logistics experience, ubbe is an all-in-one, web-based system for quoting, shipping, and tracking your transactions by land, air, ice, and sea. Whether you’re basing decisions on carrier preference, cost, performance or transit time, the choice is yours.Learn more.



March 8, 2018: At BBE, we couldn’t agree more with the Supply Chain Management Association™ (SCMA™). On International Women’s Day, SCMA™ honours our very own Heather Stewart, BBE president in its first-ever list of 100 Influential Women in Canadian Supply Chain™.  

Congratulations Heather!

Born in Yellowknife, NWT, Heather has worked in supply chain throughout most of her career and has a passion for remote logistics. Her background includes a business undergraduate degree from Mount Royal University and an MBA from Queen’s University. Heather proudly serves on the national board of directors for the Supply Chain Management Association. 






September 26, 2018: BBE’s in-house software greatly simplifies the shipping process to northern Canada BDC article



August 7, 2018: Trade drives business and 2018 has been a busy year, to-date, with our team transacting shipments to and from twenty countries around the globe.

We acknowledge and thank those who continue to contribute to Canada’s GDP in this challenging business environment.

UpHere Business

Spring 2018 “The New Wave”Article



May 14, 2018: DeliverEase provides mall shoppers with convenient onsite parcel shipping services. News Release


ACROSS THE ARCTIC, SEALIFT SEASON is coming, are you ready?

April 15, 2017:


FETCHABLE, We get it

February 1, 2018: BBE and Canadian North announce the introduction of “FETCHABLE”, an innovative one-stop online Northern shipping solution….Media Release- Fetchable

KBX Expand Services in Cambridge Bay

October 27, 2017: Cambridge Bay, NU: KBX, owned by Kitikmeot Corporation and BBE Expediting Ltd, is proud to announce that as of December 1, 2017 it will be providing…News Release

Kitikmeot Corporation partners with BBE Expediting Ltd

September 14, 2017: Kitikmeot Corporation today, acquired 100% of Kitnuna Corporation’s shares in KBX, a logistics provider created in early 2014 by Kitnuna and BBE Expediting Ltd. The change in ownership aligns with Kitikmeot Corporation’s commitment to investment in solid businesses that contributed to regional capacity and the economic goals of the corporation…Media Release

MOVEMBER Halfway Point

November 14, 2016: We are halfway through Movember and our team are getting scruffy.

We would like to thank those who have contributed to our efforts. If you have not contributed to our efforts to help fund research into men’s health, there is still time: http://moteam.co/the-bbe-expeditors

Thank you and good health to you.

BBE Registered with Nutrition North Canada Program

October 17, 2016:  Company registered to meet growing demand from its Northern customer base..bbe-nnc

Government of Nunavut Baby Box Program, a First in Canada

October 25, 2016: BBE proud to support this innovative program the Government of Nunavut has initiated. GN Baby Box Program Launched

BBE’s Young Entrepreneur of the Year

October 14, 2016: BBE partner and senior manager, Leah Sulyma recognized. Read more…..

BBE Completes Management Buyout

September 15, 2016: Senior Management Buyout of BBE and New Joint Venture with Inuvialuit Development Corporation … Media Release  

Peter’s Expediting: a Model of Inuit Business Success

August 18, 2016: A great story provided from Atuqtuarvik Corporation on our long time partners in Baker Lake, NU, Peter’s Expediting.  We would like to thank Atuqtuarvik for allowing us to post this. Atuqtuarvik PEL editorial

Long Service Kudos

June 1, 2016: Today BBE honored eight employees for their contribution to our team and our customers over five, ten and fifteen years. Collectively this group has provided 70 years of inspiration, dedication and commitment to their team members and their customers. Kudos to each of you; Jill, Jenna, Karina, Pepper, Peter, John, Rodney and Heather.


Celebrating 25 years of Diamond Mining in Canada

May 9, 2016: Tom Hoefer, Executive Director of the Northwest Territories and Nunavut Chamber of Mines, penned a great editorial reflecting on 25 years of diamond mining in the Canadian North.


HEY CANADA, you are now connected to the Arctic Ocean by Road

Apr 8, 2016: Work crews from E Gruben Transport and Northwind Industries met in the late afternoon to join the north and south sections of the Inuvik Tuktoyaktuk Highway. Canada is now connected from sea to sea to sea.


BBE COR accreditation NWT and Nunavut

April 7, 2016: BBE received its accreditation from the Northern Safety Association after a successful audit of our health and safety programs. Our team’s dedication to the program and process over the past four years is something we are very proud of and it is evident in our performance in 2015, with zero lost time incidents. Kudos to our team members and thank you to NSA for their ongoing support and dedication to workplace safety in the North.

Edmonton Air Cargo Continues to Grow

March 29, 2016: We at BBE are proud to be part of the EIA Cargo Team and contributing to our customers’ success.

EIA Cargo 2016

Northern Supply Chain Partner

NORTHERN CANADA: Do you have the right supply chain partner in this challenging region of operation? With four decades of experience, we are here to deliver you success.

See how we do it.

Supporting a Friend’s Charitable Work in Chad- Final Chapter

January 12, 2016- Our President, Heather Stewart and Supervisor of Freight Forwarding, Jill King were fortunate to participate with Jim and his brother Laurie Guthrie in delivery of some Futbols to a school in Chad. Read more 

Jan 2015 Chad Futbols

Freight handling deal between BBE and Air China Cargo, Edmonton.

EDMONTON: Braden-Burry Expediting Ltd (“BBE”), one of Canada’s leading full service logistics companies and Air China Cargo, have signed a multi-year cargo handling agreement at Edmonton International Airport. The inaugural flight is September 3rd, 2015 connecting Shanghai, Edmonton and Dallas-Fort Worth.

“We are pleased to work with BBE in Edmonton,” said Ray Lo, Vice President, Service and Operations of Air China Cargo. “We believe BBE is the right fit for us as we expand our freighter operations into Canada, which will help build important trade links between the country, southern USA and Asia.”

“This is a very exciting opportunity for Air China Cargo and BBE,” said Heather Stewart, President BBE. “but also for the Edmonton region, connecting us with large diversified markets in China and Texas. The opportunities are endless for local importers and exporters dealing in those markets.”

Read more about our newest multi-year agreement with Air China Cargo here.


Multi-year deal between BBE, Menzies Aviation and Air France- KLM Cargo for handling in Edmonton.

May 15, 2015 – Braden-Burry Expediting Ltd (“BBE”), one of Canada’s leading full service logistics companies, in partnership with Menzies Aviation (Canada) Inc. and Air France – KLM Cargo, have signed a multi-year cargo handling agreement at Edmonton International Airport. The inaugural flight from Amsterdam into Edmonton is May 19th, 2015.

“Air France, KLM and Martinair Cargo are proud and excited to link Edmonton to our World Wide Cargo network by means of the KLM operation to Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Proud because KLM is first to connect Edmonton with direct flights to Continental Europe and excited because the Netherlands have strong traditional ties with Canada. Adding Edmonton is the proof of KLM’s faith in our business relation.

The Amsterdam HUB is one of Europe’s biggest Cargo HUBs with huge potential for Edmonton logistics entrepreneurs due to its vast amount of worldwide connections and overwhelming presence of logistic solutions.

Read more about our newest expansion delivering cargo to Amsterdam and continental Europe here.


NWT Businesses Recognized with Frozen Globe Awards

Minister of Industry, Tourism and Investment (ITI) David Ramsay congratulates BBE Expediting Ltd. and Global Storm IT for being recognized with Frozen Globe Awards at the 2015 award gala held Thursday in Iqaluit.

“The North can be a challenging place to run a business, but each of you is proof that it is not only possible to run a business in the north; it is possible to create and operate successful, highly-respected and award-winning businesses,” Minister Ramsay told nominees prior to presenting the NWT Entrepreneur of the Year award.

Read more about the gala and our contribution to the business environment in Northwest Territories here.


BBE Expands Into Larger Facility at Edmonton International Airport

Apr 28, 2015 – After multiple years of planning, BBE is very proud to announce the opening of our new air and multimodal cargo facility at the Edmonton International Airport. At more than double the size of our old warehouse, this new facility will allow us to grow and service our clients like never before. Find out more on the opening and our facility here.


Supporting a Friend’s Charitable Work in Chad

January 2015- BBE has built many strong and lasting relationships with its partners over the years. One such friend is Mr. Jim Guthrie. Jim has worked in logistics around the world in the oil and gas industry, for the most part. His work ethic and go anywhere do anything outlook is an inspiration to us all. Though a book could be written on Jim’s exploits and his philanthropy, BBE wanted to share his story of one of his most recent ventures in Chad, of which they played a small role in.

I want to update you on an initiative that has turned out to be the “best thing since sliced bread!”  A colleague sent me a clip from a Katie Couric CBS special about an American who has developed an indestructible soccer ball, and started a non-profit organization called One World Futbol.  This guy had seen what I have seen all around sub-Saharan Africa, you hardly ever see a child with a toy, occasionally you see boys with a football and it usually has 5 or 6 holes in it, and is stuffed with grass or rags, and they just keep playing with it until there is nothing left. 

These indestructible balls (Futbols) are filled with some kind of semi-solid nerf like material and so don’t need air.  The only thing a child can ever do to it, is lose it, they can not wear it out.  One World Futbol sells them for $18 each providing you buy 100, I passed the hat to my colleagues and we quickly came up with the money for an order.

You might know Braden Burry Expediting out of Yellowknife and Edmonton, an Inuvialuit owned company, they received the balls for me in Edmonton, paid all the customs duties and GST as a donation. Two of my colleagues carried 40 Futbols over with them in December, I carried 30 in my bags and will bring the remainder over next rotation.    

You should see the boys’ faces when they get a ball, it’s difficult to realize the joy and fun they bring to kid’s lives that have nothing else to play with, no toys and no sports equipment. I usually get a group of boys to elect the keeper of the ball so they don’t get into a fight over who owns the ball!  Now we need to get skipping ropes for the girls!”

A great story from a great person that BBE is fortunate to work with and to call a friend. 

Thanks again to everyone from BBE for helping out with this great initiative, 100 balls probably made 2,000 children happy and not just for a little while, but for a long while. 

Sincerely, Jim Guthrie



The Importance of Facial Hair in November

Nov 7, 2014 – You may notice more men sprouting mustaches this month. No, you didn’t suddenly wake up in a Burt Reynolds movie. It’s Movember! The time of year when men around the world grow facial hair in support of men’s health.

Since 2003, The Movember Foundation has raised $574 million to help fight prostate and testicular cancers, in addition to mental health issues. BBE’s Gord McNeil, Regional Sales and Project Manager, knows firsthand the importance of getting people talking about men’s health. “It was nearly four years ago that I was diagnosed with prostate cancer. It’s the worst feeling in the world to sit across from your doctor and hear him say that you’ve got cancer.  Luckily, I had a great support network, my family and my work colleagues were phenomenal and took really good care of me and thanks to early detection, I’m healthy and here today enjoying life”.

“As past President of the Toronto Transportation Club, I am pleased to be their spokesperson for their second Annual MO Challenge 2014.” Gord has been the driving force behind getting BBE involved in Movember. Last year, many of the BBE bases ran their own Movember programs and were successful in raising money for cancer research.

“BBE is concerned about their workforce’s health so educational awareness is something that we want to make sure gets out there. Not only to the staff but their friends and family as well” notes company President, Heather Stewart. “The main focus is not being shy about it and getting people to talk and go for regular check-ups, in addition to raising money for an important cause”.

Gord emphasizes, “What I find is that guys don’t go to the doctor on a regular basis like women do. I talk to guys about it all the time and they say that everything is healthy, I don’t need to see a Doctor. What I tell them is that they make time to take their car in for an oil change, service their motorcycle, or get the Furnace checked out, but they don’t think of maintaining their own health. The thing with prostate and testicular cancers is that you don’t know you have it until it’s too late. I had a friend who died from it three years ago and he found out too late. Likely it would have been caught if he’d been seeing his doctor every year. It’s probably one of the most curable forms of cancer if you find out early but you can’t know that you have anything wrong unless you get tested. Men in the transportation industry, and everywhere for that matter, need to go get checked regularly.”

The number of men diagnosed with Prostate Cancers, Testicular Cancer and other Mental Health Issues such as PTSD is alarming. It is encouraging to see an increased awareness and even with our relatively small population in Canada, we raised almost as much as the US during last year’s campaign.

Surviving prostate cancer has changed Gord’s perspective on life. “I travel and enjoy life a little bit more. I don’t get stressed out over the little things anymore and generally am a lot happier knowing I have survived this. The alternative is an avoidable option that can be defeated”.

In the five years that Gord McNeil has been involved in Movember, he’s managed to raise over $20,000 for the cause and inspire others to start their own Movember Campaigns. You can donate to his campaign by following the link below. Women – you can become a MO Sister by asking the men in your life if they’ve gotten checked this year! 

Donate today: http://ca.movember.com/mospace/1093620


Press Release: BBE commenced Services in our new facility in Ottawa April 29, 2014

BBE today commenced services in our new facility in Ottawa. The location doubles our floor space, provides additional loading docks (5), expanded office space as well as a larger customer service area.

“After six years of operations we had outgrown our previous location,” Stacy Campbell, Ottawa Operations Manager, “With iSHOP4U services, a growing sealift operation and expanding air cargo services the move was a must.”

Though full services will commence May 1st, air cargo operations began April 28th. The new facility is also bonded and features temperature controlled storage as well as general warehousing and airside access.

Gord McNeil, Sales and Special Projects, “We were happy to host an Open House at the facility last week with some of our great business partners. It provided an opportunity to showcase the new facility as well as to learn about each other’s plans for the balance of 2014. There is a lot on the go and it is beneficial for us all to keep the communications open.”

Chris Duncan, Director of Operations was in Ottawa the past week and was pleased with the well executed transition by Stacy and her team, “It speaks volumes to their commitment to BBE and to our clients.”


The new location address is:
Unit 7 – 140 Thad Johnson Private (Road)
Ottawa International Airport
Gloucester, Ontario, K1V0R4

Business hours:


Monday – Friday 7:00am – 6:00pm
Saturday & Sunday: Closed

Warehouse Shipping & Receiving
Monday – Friday 7:00am – 6:00pm
Saturday: 8:00am – 12pm/noon
Sunday: Closed


For further information on cargo services, please contact:
Stacy L. Campbell, Operations Manager
613.293.8693 scampbell(Replace this parenthesis with the @ sign)bbex.com

Press Release: BBE are proud to announce the establishment of services for ICELANDAIR CARGO at Edmonton International Airport, April 28, 2014
Icelandair Cargo 

Icelandair began scheduled flights between Edmonton and Reykjavik, Iceland on March 5th of this year and now have added cargo service to the route.

“This is a great opportunity for Northern Alberta,  providing access to Europe via Iceland and we see great potential to work with Icelandair and our clients to take advantage of this routing,” Carrie Chang, BBE’s CSC Operations Manager.

Icelandair is BBE’s sixth international air cargo client, serving the US and Europe. “These relationships we see as partnerships in growth, that of our carriers as well as our company,” says Chang.

Karl Óðinn Guðmundsson, Icelandair’s Cargo Manager the Americas, ”We are excited about this new gateway to Alberta and we look forward to working closely with our partners in the region to create a viable European option for the freight forwarders. With a quick connection at our hub in KEF we are able to offer service to over 25 cities in Europe.“

For further information on Icelandair cargo services, please contact:
Tracey Pitre, Exp Air Cargo


BBE pleased to announce incorporation of Kitnuna Braden-Burry Expediting Ltd, “KBX”  Press Release  March 4, 2014

Mr. David Omilgoitok is pleased to announce the incorporation of Kitnuna Braden-Burry Expediting Ltd, “KBX”.

Headquartered in Cambridge Bay, NU, KBX brings together the strengths of two great northern companies with over 50 years of experience in logistics and supply chain management, Kitnuna and BBE. Kitnuna Corporation is owned jointly by Kitikmeot Corporation and Nunasi Corporation. BBE is wholly owned by NorTerra Inc.

As development in the Kitikmeot Region advances, the need for full supply chain services has been amplified and developing that service is a common goal of Kitnuna and BBE. Well executed logistics will be a major factor dictating the success of projects in the region and their success is essential to the economic and social development of the Kitikmeot.

Allen Cole, President and CEO, Kitnuna Corporation, “KBX will bring a lot of experience and capacity to the table as a logistics solution provider which has been recognized by project proponents with whom we have discussed combining our resources.”

Heather Stewart, President BBE, “We have worked together in different capacities over the years and this venture was an easy next step to formalize our relationship for the benefit of our clients and our shareholders. Mr. Omilgoitok’s vision here was instrumental.”

Collectively the enterprise brings together over one hundred fifty employees and locations across the Arctic and Southern Canada.


BBE pleased to announce acquisition of IShop4U. Press Release  November 23, 2013

BBE is pleased to announce the addition of IShop4U to our group.

IShop4U is a procurement service that supports individuals and businesses in Nunavut by procuring goods in Ottawa & Edmonton, forwarding them to communities in the North. Groceries, clothing, hardware and much more are purchased on request and forwarded by air or sealift.

“This service is very complimentary to BBE’s existing suite of services and will enable customers to take advantage of our ‘store-to-door’ one stop solution,” President Heather Stewart. “Gerri and Bruce have developed a great product and a loyal base that we will continue to nurture and grow across the North.”

IShop4U was born out of Mulley’s years living and working in the Arctic and is a great fit with BBE’s Northern roots and our commitment to support of those living and working in the remote regions of Northern Canada.


BBE is a logistics company, established in Yellowknife in 1977. Now operating across Canada, BBE is a wholly owned subsidiary of NorTerra Inc, a corporation BBE is a logistics company, established in Yellowknife in 1977. Now operating across Canada, BBE is a wholly owned subsidiary of NorTerra Inc, a corporation

solutions(Replace this parenthesis with the @ sign)bbex.com


BBE JOINS CIFFA! Immediate Press Release  March 20, 2013

BBE Ltd. (Braden-Burry Expediting Ltd.) is pleased to announce that we have become a full member in The Canadian International Freight Forwarders Association (CIFFA).

CIFFA is the governing body of the international freight forwarding industry. BBE’s membership in CIFFA affirms our commitment to the highest standards and professionalism within the industry and our corporate accountability to CIFFA’s Standards and Ethics Committee.

CIFFA’s mission is to represent and support membership in providing the highest level of quality and professional services to their clients. CIFFA membership within Canada is a cross-section of the freight forwarding industry including carriers (air, land and marine), warehouses, customs providers, banks, insurance companies, legal firms and packaging companies.

At BBE, our mission is to provide unparalleled logistics service. We look forward to continuous innovation and improvement in the level of services provided to our clients. We thank them for their continued support on this journey!

BBE has been in operation since 1977, providing expediting and logistics services to a wide range of clients in a variety of industries across Canada and internationally. We look forward to the opportunity to exceed your expectations in 2013!

For further information please contact: solutions(Replace this parenthesis with the @ sign)bbex.com




On December 31, 2012, key air cargo security requirements take effect for domestic and international passenger flights departing CATSA-designated Canadian airports.

As of December 31, 2012, 100% of cargo transported onboard domestic and international passenger screened flights departing/transiting a CATSA-designated Canadian airport must come from a Registered Shipper or be screened as per the new regulations. Air carriers will no longer be able to transport cargo using the previous Security Measures commonly referred to as “known shipper” and “unknown shipper” protocols.

How will cargo be determined to be Secure Cargo?

As of December 31, 2012, 100% of cargo transported onboard domestic and international passenger flights departing a CATSA-designated Canadian airport must come from a Registered Shipper, or be screened, as per the new regulations, in order to be deemed Secure Cargo.

How does my company become a Registered Shipper?

Go to Transport Canada’s Air Cargo Security (ACS) Program’s website at http://www.tc.gc.ca/eng/aviationsecurity/asc-41.htm to submit an online application; contact the ACS Support Centre for more information at 1-866-375-7342; or e-mail aircargo-fretaerien(Replace this parenthesis with the @ sign)tc.gc.ca

What do I need in order to become a Registered Shipper?

You will need a Business Number (issued by Canada Revenue Agency), a Canadian business address, and a referral that can confirm an existing business relationship with respect to shipping air cargo (i.e. freight forwarder or air carrier).

What if I do not have a Business Number or my company does not become a Registered Shipper by December 31, 2012?

Any shipments that are not tendered by a Registered Shipper or Approved Participant (typically freight forwarders) will require screening/physical search prior to acceptance for flight, thereby incurring additional security costs to you, as well as potentially delaying your shipments for screening processing.