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Seas the day. Leave the heavy lifting to us!


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What we do

We have been providing Northern Canada with vital goods and supplies to carry them through the cold months for over 15 years. With our highly trained team of employees, we deliver reliable marine services to remote areas such as Nunavut and the Arctic. Through our services, we support community resupply, oil and gas, and mining sealift programs.

Our scope of work includes:

  • Cargo profiling
  • Transport coordination to marshaling point
  • Receiving verification, PO matching
  • Consolidation (crating, palletizing, containerizing)
  • Vehicle shipment
  • Dangerous goods handling, packaging and documentation (TDG & IMDG)
  • Manifesting and shipment labeling,
  • Offload planning and execution, plus more

How we work

Once you place an order, we are able to shop at multiple stores and combine them into one sealift order. Once we have purchased your order, we carefully pack and crate your order to ensure the safety of all goods. We wrap all liquids to guard them against any spillage, wrap all items with strong scents to prevent scent transfer, and label all boxes and items for your convenience. We also inventory all orders to ensure the successful delivery of your package.

The shippers create all final contracts once we have sent them the booking.

You shop. We ship.

Our sealift services can also include any shopping that you do yourself in Edmonton, Montreal or Ottawa. Simply put in a request for us to pick up your purchases, and we can package them with the rest of your shipment.

Placing an order

Our order process is streamlined to be easy-to-use and efficient. If you’re interested in ordering through us, just fill out the online form using our shopping directory. You can let us know whether you would like delivery included along with your requested sealift date in the comments section of the form.

We recommend booking a sealift with us as soon as possible to guarantee optimum service. Our first two sealifts tend to be a better choice to get your shipment on as the last two sealifts can face delays due to unforeseen weather conditions.

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